Connor Huxman, 22

4th Year Biomedical Engineering & Visual Art Student 

I'm Connor. I love solving technical engineering problems, and I also love creating expressive and inquisitive works of art. Fortunately, I've found that these passions complement one another remarkably. My specialties are in mechanical design, product management, and software and hardware prototyping for biomedical devices. I love taking interdisciplinary approaches to solving problems and especially enjoy working in small teams with hefty responsibilities.

During my six internships, I've gained strong engineering design experience. Having worked for medical implant start-ups, biomaterials device companies and global health non-profits, I’ve done quite a bit of rapid prototyping work with SolidWorks, Arduino, Slicer, etc. building 3D-printed medical devices. My dream job is one that allows me to combine my mechanical engineering skills, product management experience, visual art talent, creative writing, and most importantly my desire for understanding why problems exist and leveraging technologies to deliver solutions to those who need help the most. 

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Summary of Qualifications

Product Development

Prototyping of implants & biomedical devices: Mechanical, electrical, software design; 3D printing

Technical & Other Writing

Praised for producing grant proposals, product descriptions, tech. reports, opinion articles, blogs

Product Management

Scrum & Kanban PM leadership, technical roadmaps for agile development teams

Regulatory & Quality

Experience with FDA, HC, MEDDEV. Well-versed working in ISO 13485 quality systems

Research & Laboratory Experience

Undergrad thesis on biomaterials testing. Level 2 lab cert., cadaver dissection, GLP, GCP

Visual Art & Design

Visual Art Minor: oil painting, landscape and portraiture, animations, logo and graphic design

Work Experience

2019 R&D Engineering & Regulatory Intern

Spinal Simplicity, LLC

Kansas City, KS

Designed problem-solving parts and assemblies for spinal implants and surgical tools; Designed and conducted tests in cadavers and artificial spine models

Successfully prepared and submitted 510(k), Q-sub, and clinical reports to FDA. Well-versed in ISO/ASTM standards, regulatory pathways, quality audits

Experienced with ISPF spinal surgery techniques, degenerative lumbar pathology, cadaver labs, device manufacturing, sterilization, biocompatibility

2019 (Present): Product Development Engineer

CellScale Biomaterials Testing

Waterloo, ON

Developed a laboratory fluidic in-vitro modelling prototype using Arduino, electrical circuit design, mechanical & motor/gear optimization, 3D printing

R&D for biomaterials testing equipment: product conceptualization, component sourcing, production cost analysis and DFM, part prototyping/testing

2018: Product Management Intern

Castor EDC

Amsterdam, Netherlands

Successfully led a medical research software project to completion as lead product owner, story writer, designer, facilitator and QA engineer

Medical research data analysis, clinical eCRF design, randomization/stratification criteria, cost/benefit analysis, technical refinement and retrospectives

2017: Molecular Diagnostics Engineering Intern

Seegene, Inc.

Toronto, ON

Molecular Assay Development: Defined, presented processes of DNA extraction, sample collection, CTC detection biomarkers, assay automation

Market Research & Business Proposals: Found funding, investors, and opportunities. Assembled literature summaries and wrote grant proposals

2017: Verification & Validation Engineer

AGFA HealthCare, Inc.

Waterloo, ON

Medical Imaging Software Testing: Exploratory testing, Test Suite execution, QA and V&V on legacy and ground-breaking imaging software

Hospital Workflow Expertise: Collaborated closely with clinical experts to quantify patient, radiologist, doctor and technologists’ needs

2016: Technical Writer/ Project Management Intern

Panda Rose Consulting Studios Inc.

Edmonton, AB

Developed and proposed Project Management plans; created project timelines, Gantt charts, critical paths, budget breakdowns and RFPs

Designed a website for a corporate product through a PHP/JavaScript-based CMS. Created technical documentation, white papers and graphic design

Other Experience

Entrepreneurial Experience

Started personal ventures, including a successful local moving business

Student Newspaper Writer

Authored numerous opinion articles on campus and global topics

International Travel

Backpacked through 7 European countries, Morocco & Thailand


2015 - Present: University of Waterloo

Waterloo, ON

Pursuing Bachelor of Applied Science in Biomedical Engineering

Pursuing Minor in Visual Art

2011 - 2015: Rockway Mennonite Collegiate

Kitchener, ON


2015 - 2019: Scholarships & Academic Excellence

University of Waterloo

President's Scholarship of Distinction; Excellent Academic Standing

2018: Visual Art Portfolio Recognition

University of Waterloo

Distinct recognition for strong art pieces of different mediums: charcoal, pencil, acrylic, oil, ink

2016: Hack-4-Health Finalist Award


Award for prototyping & pitching a wearable memory aid device for people with early onset Dementia